Friday, February 15, 2013

My baby girl is 6!!

Avery Marie turned 6 on January 29.  I know it sounds so cliche, but where has the time gone?  I look at Lexi and see a half grown daughter, then I look at my "baby" and hardly see a baby there.  I love the women they are becoming, and how smart they are.  I love watching the excitement in their eyes when they learn something new.  Avery was so excited to turn 6 this year.  It was her first birthday she got to spend at school.  She got to take brownies for her class and get sung at all day long.  Then she had dance class where they made her stand on a chair while they all sang to her.  Followed by dinner at IHOP.  The dinner of champions.  Her birthday was a huge success, all of her friends she invited from school were there, and her cousins and family friends and relatives.  

She has to use 2 hands now to show her age!
Before the party she was fading fast...

My girls, love these faces


Happy 6th Birthday Avery Marie!!


Cody and his dad raced in Casa Grande in January.  It was a great race that eventually ended with Cody's car on the hook!  Oh well, they have fun whether they win or not, but winning would be better!!

Avery self portrait!

Avery as the photographer!

Go #55!!!!

Family Pictures 2012

This year we had pictures done at Mortimer farms in Dewey.  It was a really great location and the kids had a blast pretending to be farmers!  

Christmas Recital 2012

Avery's Christmas recital was adorable of course, and in my opinion, she was the best one out there!  I love that Miss Avery is in love with dancing and singing.  She is definitely our little performer! Great job Avery!!

Christmas 2012

Christmas as usual was tons of family fun as usual.  We did a lot of great things as a family and were overly blessed with all the gifts and family time we had.  Lots of pics were taken, and lots of laughs were had!  Merry Christmas from the Halliburtons!!

Tree decorating


Waiting for Santa


Avery and her special ornament

Lexi and her special ornament

Family ornament 2012

Avery and her Kindle Fire HD

Lexi and her iPod touch

Lexi and Trista in matching glasses

Christmas Eve dinner at Serranos

Goodies for Santa and the reindeer

Christmas Eve jammies

I have no idea what is happening here...:)

Christmas Eve story time

Santa came!!

Ariel LOVES her gift

The aftermath

Avery made this for us in class

Surrounded by presents!